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Our coding and CDI experts will demonstrate the features of our integrated platform for coding, documentation integrity and auditing.

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Unlock greater clinical efficiency and consistency 

The Optum® Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D solutions share a single integrated platform. The result is the ability to identify clinical documentation opportunities and improve coder labor efficiency, clinical consistency and communication across departments.

Schedule a demo to learn how our award-winning technology platform captures the complete encounter to help you:

  • Accelerate your CDI workflow by capturing the complete patient encounter and proactively prevent denials and audits.
  • Experience seamless coding and CDI collaboration through complete and accurate coding, clinical documentation and pre-bill auditing on a single integrated platform.
  • Automate coding and CDI processes with Clinical Language Intelligence™ technology. It reviews case records and identifies ones that require prioritization based on documentation clarification opportunities or potential quality events, while the patient is still at the point of care.
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